For a number of years, Plesner has focused on the digitization of the financial sector. We have built up unique knowledge of the innovative products and businesses today called fintech.

Plesner's specialists are leaders in Denmark within fintech with extensive experience in both commercial thinking and negotiation as well as the relationship with supervisory authorities as the Financial Supervisory Authority and the Data Protection Agency.

Our fintech specialists work closely with particularly our specialists in data protection and IT/technology which are often areas of concern for fintech businesses/projects. When the need arises, we also utilise Plesner's other specialist skills including those related to tax, financing, capital markets, outsourcing, M&A and corporate law.

Over the past years, Plesner has assisted a number of the leading finctech companies in Denmark and abroad in relation to web and app-based payment solutions, crowdfunding platforms, e-wallet solutions and digitalisation of AML and other compliance functions.

Plesner advises on all legal issues related to fintech from the initial legal analysis of the product or business over the application for a license (if required) to the ongoing operation of the business once live. Some of the issues we have successfully helped clients recently overcome in a commercially viable manner are:
  • Blockchain-based products, including e-wallets
  • Commercialisation of data - particularly in the context of the special restrictions in the Payment Services Act
  • Establishment of crowdfunding-solutions
  • Digitalisation of compliance - particularly within the field of AML and KYC
  • Third party payment services providers in the context of the liberalisation of the payment industry and PSD2.


Among Plesner's recent work in fintech is:

  • The Lead Managers - in connection with Nets A/S' IPO regarding payment services and other financial regulation
  • Provider of payments app - regarding digital AML/KYC compliance
  • E-trading platforms - regarding e-wallets
  • Foreign PSPs, e-money institutions and crowdfunding platforms - with regard to establishment in Denmark

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