We advise on all strategic and legal aspects of energy and infrastructure. Our advice is based on detailed industry knowledge, and our team have been involved in the largest energy and infrastructure projects in Denmark.

Our team advise clients on the drafting of contracts and other documents, for example in connection with transfers, financing and establishment of projects. In addition, we have served as a permanent sounding board in a large number of energy and infrastructure projects. We also advise clients on all relevant regulatory aspects and dispute resolution in courts and arbitration tribunals.

Over the past decades, the team have played a role in the links across the Great Belt and Øresund and – most recently – Europe's largest infrastructure project known as the Fehmarn Belt fixed link, not to mention large-scale oil and gas projects in the North Sea. In addition, we have advised on alternative energy projects, particularly in the wind industry.

Our clients choose us because we synthesise technically, legally and financially complex problems. We deliver this analytical process and service based on our in-depth knowledge of the factors that are essential to successful preparation, completion and operation of projects, including assessment of design, financing, regulatory and operating risks.

Several team members have enhanced their understanding of the industry and gained a better eye for value-creating solutions by being seconded to Denmark's biggest energy companies.


  • Femern A/S - establishment of a fixed link to Germany
  • DONG E&P A/S - extraction project for oil and gas regarding the Heron field in the North Sea
  • Arkil A/S - advisor on various road and rail infrastructure projects in Denmark
  • European Wind Investment A/S (Trefor) - acquisition and establishment of wind farms in Denmark, Sweden and Germany
  • DONG Energy A/S - assistance with private placement in the company
  • Sund & Bælt Holding A/S - legal assistance with the company’s operating activities, including the Great Belt Link
  • Arriva A/S (Deutsche Bahn) - advisory services on public bus and train services in Denmark
  • Falck A/S - establishment of new structure for emergency services in Denmark


  • Within Energy, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    Within Shipping and Transport, Plesner is "excellent in all aspects" and has expertise across transactions, financing matters and disputes. (2019)
  • Prominent team noted for its business-oriented approach to the energy sector. Routinely assists with regulatory matters, project development and energy-related dispute resolution and is particularly active on M&A mandates in the energy sector. Works with clients across oil and gas and renewables, including leading Danish oil and power corporations, wind energy investors and other blue-chip energy companies. Draws strong praise for its expertise in contractual matters relating to energy supply and installation, including EPC contracts. Also advises on cross-border matters.

    "Commercial and market-oriented," together with the ability to provide "good all-round legal work"

    "Delivers a substantial amount of work within a short time schedule" (2019)

  • Plesner is one of Denmark’s largest and leading firms and has top tier rankings across a range of areas.

    “Accessible, competent, and extremely professional.” (2019)
  • Within Energy, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    Described as having "a unique understanding of the client’s business", Plesner’s energy department has a strong position within the oil and gas sector and also advises on renewable energy projects. (2018)
  • "Customer-oriented, fast, practical and at a high legal standard." 

    "High degree of flexibility"

    "Quality responses and holistic perspective"

    "A wide knowledge of cross-border legal systems."
  • Recognised across the board as one of the strongest firms in Copenhagen, Plesner continues to collect plaudits for its work in all areas of practice. (2018)
  • Within Energy, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    Plesner's "swift" practice covers oil and gas, as well as wind and other renewable energy sectors. (2017)
  • Prominent team noted for its business-oriented approach to the energy sector. Routinely assists clients with regulatory and corporate matters, project development, M&A and energy-related dispute resolution. Works with clients across oil and gas and renewables, including leading Danish oil and power corporations, wind energy investors and other blue-chip energy companies. (2017)
  • "Plesner conducts court cases expertly and the legal advice skills are outstanding. They possess an amazing degree of professional expertise as regards detailed legal background knowledge." (2016)
  • Within Energy, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    Niklas Christensen heads Plesner's "top" practice, which advises on regulatory matters, large project developments and disputes. (2016)

  • "The firm's lawyers are always very committed and provide relevant advice and high-level service on complicated legal matters within the time and scope agreed. They are all excellent lawyers and we are very satisfied with their service."
    "We are satisfied because the lawyers deliver whatever we agree upon in due time and they make sure to follow up on things."
  • Plesner's Greenland desk comprises four lawyers who regularly advise on Greenlandic and Danish-Greenlandic matters. The team recently advised an energy company on the acquisition of drilling licences in Greenland, and regularly publishes advice on working in Greenland. (2015)
  • Strong practice with substantial experience in regulatory issues, project development, M&A and disputes. Also noted for its wind power expertise, especially in turbine supply and operations and maintenance agreements. Noted for its capabilities in matters related to North Sea oil and gas. 

    "The people assisting us are very experienced and specialised in the energy sector; the attitude and proactiveness is really good."

    "Very good at giving ad hoc advice on short deadlines, and good at understanding the commercial issues and broader strategic perspective."

    "The firm is helpful and insightful; I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to it again."
  • "The Plesner team proved to be knowledgeable of both the law and our industry, was very responsive to our requests and has done an excellent job in supporting the acquisition".

    Others praise the high quality of the work of the team, citing its capability in corporate matters to be a particular highlight.

    "They are all very skilled and committed lawyers with a great understanding of our business and the advice needed" 

    "They are all very pleasant to work with, and thus we can strongly recommend them all to anyone!".
  • Comprehensive energy practice with particular expertise in offshore pipeline projects and upstream oil and gas.

    "A very impressive, customer-focused law firm."

    "Very good in the energy sector, and especially in financial contracts."
  • Plesner’s infrastructure and energy practices are among the best in Denmark, with both widely viewed as excellent across board. The firm has a particularly strong track record in project development and an outstanding reputation for EPC work. (2014)
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