Our Data Protection team has unique experience. The team has a high degree of commercial understanding, in-depth knowledge of regulatory practice and extensive experience of hands-on project implementation. In these areas, our team stands out significantly from our rivals in the market.

We provide solutions that are directly applicable to our clients. This means that we assist our client in all project phases – from the start-up phase to problem identification, analysis, evaluation, implementation and follow-up and quality assurance. We keep our clients up to date on market news and relevant legislation.

We are the optimum partner for the client as we offer a “full” package of advisory services on the rules of data protection law and operational compliance – we are the only ones in Denmark to do just that. We assist our clients with strategic planning in relation to personal data, and we advise on individual issues, prepare draft agreements and draw up compliance programmes that require detailed knowledge of business processes.

Industry insight

We have particularly deep insight into Life Science and the financial sector, both of which are characterised by strict regulation. For several years, our team has advised businesses in these two industries on data protection law, and we have acquired detailed insight into the commercial, strategic and legal ground rules that govern these businesses. Moreover, our team can call on employees with practical experience of compliance in financial businesses.

Data Protection Law Forum

Plesner has launched the Data Protection Law Forum to follow, analyse and support the developments in data protection law. The purpose is to create an informal place for practitioners and theoreticians to meet and get new knowledge and inspiration and to discuss the most recent data protection law developments, challenges and problems.

The forum consists of a number of courses and events where the focus is on fundamental and current data protection law issues.
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Security requirements

The Danish Data Protection Agency has introduced a set of standard security measures for the processing of personal data in connection with your company's whistleblower system.
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  • Within Data Privacy and Data Protection, Plesner is a first tier firm (2020)

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