Plesner provides advice on all aspects of corporate criminal law in connection with regulatory supervision, control and enforcement, including, if necessary, by representing the client in court.

Since the financial crisis, the Danish business sector has experienced increased and stricter regulation in areas such as capital market law (the Danish Securities Trading, etc Act, market abuse, insider trading, price manipulation etc) and in competition law (cartels, pricing agreements etc), tax, personal data and international trade.

The rules that the business sector must comply with make it possible to impose even harsher sanctions. Not only financial sanctions, but also criminal law sanctions. Recent developments in Denmark and internationally reflect an intensification of the authorities' focus, also on law enforcement, including fines and punishments to both companies and their managements.

In this connection it is quite simply becoming necessary to include special criminal law expertise and litigation expertise, not just in the application of the rules but especially also in the authorities' specific actions when conducting these criminal proceedings.

Plesner's corporate criminal law expertise has been gained from working for the Danish prosecution service, the Danish Public Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime, the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority and is combined with the knowledge of various Plesner specialists.

Hans Fogtdal's joining Plesner from the Danish Public Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime with his deep insight into the authorities' way of working and acting means that Plesner has strengthened its corporate criminal law profile significantly.

In addition to Mr Fogtdal, Plesner's team are composed of highly qualified and experienced lawyers and the team are able to involve a number of leading experts in the various areas subject to special acts.

Plesner also provides advice on anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and trade restrictions. Our advisory services are based on in-depth knowledge of the increasingly complex and detailed legislation and the authorities' specific actions.

With our experience gained from many years of solving extensive, complex and delicate issues for companies of all sizes, including uncovering white-collar crime or any other irregularities, Plesner is also able to guarantee that a discreet, professional and efficient internal legal investigation can be carried out while the company is still running.

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