Coronavirus - IT & outsourcing

Many clients are either planning or already in the process of implementing IT projects and outsourcing arrangements. Arrangements might relate to, for instance, outsourcing of a business activity, facility management services or IT operations or the conclusion of agreements on the implementation of new systems. Such projects and arrangements are often of major importance to the businesses involved.

No matter the stage of such a project or arrangement, the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) gives rise to completely new and unprecedented implications and considerations among both customers and suppliers.

It is characteristic of many IT projects and outsourcing arrangements that they involve extensive collaboration. A supplier may, for instance, carry out its work on the customer's premises, or the customer's contribution may in some other manner be a prerequisite for the supplier's performance of its part. As a consequence of coronavirus and measures taken a result, the respective parties may be prevented from fulfilling their obligations, which may have major implications for all parties. The supplier may be unable to make deliveries but, also, a customer may not been in need of the services agreed and therefore asks the supplier to suspend delivery.

Plesner's It & Oursourcing team is ready to advise businesses about the implications resulting from the coronavirus outbreak. Issues may concern potential liability, and whether the breakout can be deemed to be force majeure under existing agreements. Another issue may be how to address coronavirus in new agreements at the present time where the risk is known.

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