Coronavirus - Employment Law

Denmark has imposed an extensive lockdown due to coronavirus (COVID-19) (coronavirus) - for the time being until the end of March. It will of course have major implications for Danish employers.

This situation gives rise to a lot of questions, and the answers change in step with the authorities' revisions of initiatives and recommendations. In Plesner's Employment Law team we do everything possible to help employers in a difficult situation.

We therefore present, with our GDPR team, weekly webinars answering participants' current and specific questions on employment law issues and personal data law issues in relation to COVID-19.

During the webinar, participants will be able to ask questions in writing, and we will answer the questions during the webinar. Questions may also be emailed to us in advance of the webinar. We will as far as possible answer all questions but frequently asked questions will be given priority. Frequently asked questions relate to holiday entitlement, working from home, internal guidelines and precautions in the work place, travelling, temporary shutdown, dismissals and the duty of consultation.

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