Plesner provides assistance to the sellers of Rosengårdscentret in the largest property transaction in Denmark

Today Plesner and a number of other players finalised the largest property transaction in Denmark for one single property so far. Rosengårdscentret (a shopping centre in Funen) has been sold and Plesner's department Commercial Real Estate acted as the seller's legal advisor.

The sale of Rosengårdscentret is the culmination of the most successful investment project offered to a large number of investors to date. In 1983 Rosengårdscentret was offered as an investment project and almost 2/3 of the investors then are also investors today. More than 800 investors can now look forward to a considerable dividend following the successful sale.

The purchaser of Rosengårdscentret is a large, international player, which has now purchased its first shopping centre in Denmark. Rosengårdscentret is one of Denmark's largest and best known shopping centres with 158 shops in an area of more than 110,000 square metres.

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