Brexit - Plesner advises on the consequences

The result of the EU referendum was announced on Friday, 24 June 2016 and the UK voted to leave the EU. We have set up a special Brexit task force with specialists across Plesner's various practice areas. The task force is available to our clients and we will provide regular updates on the development.

The outcome of the vote will not have any immediate legal effect as EU law and UK law will still apply without any changes for now, but we are entering a period of uncertainty as to the future legal landscape. Even if the period could last several years, it is important to keep abreast of developments if you trade with the UK, have a business in the UK or have agreements or contracts that are subject to or will be subject to UK law.

Plesner's Brexit task force

As a market-leading law firm we are able to advise businesses in all industries about the Brexit consequences, including identifying risks and preparing contingency plans. Our task force is available to all clients requiring Brexit advice.

Plesner's Brexit task force is headed by Casper Münter and consists of the following specialists:

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