A bankruptcy trustee's responsibilities

Pernille Bigaard, Plesner Attorney and Chairman of Foreningen for Danske Insolvensadvokater (an association of Danish insolvency lawyers), and Victoria Grevit Eriksen, Plesner Attorney, have written an article about a bankruptcy trustee's responsibility in the most recent edition of the Danish journal "Erhvervsjuridisk Tidsskrift".

The article gives a practical insight into a trustee's responsibility. The article describes a trustee's obligations and how a trustee is appointed and the tasks that a trustee is to fulfil under the Danish Bankruptcy Act.

The article also describes the different bases of liability to which a trustee is subject and typical examples of a trustee's responsibility are singled out. Finally, the article describes how a creditor or a third party can bring a legal action against a trustee.

Click here to read the article (in Danish) "Kurators ansvar"

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